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Computing services have changed the way businesses gain access to critical tools. Before cloud computing the only way a business could use software was to purchase large computer systems and pay high software license fees, service costs and maintenance.


Logistics Map

Supply Chain Intelligence is proud to be associated with the newly released open source logistics website from Logistics Map.


Driver Paysuite

Driver Paysuite is a web, Software as a Service(SaaS), application that handles all of your driver’s pay.

Driver Paysuite

Driver Paysuite is a web, Software as a Service(SaaS), application that handles all of your driver’s pay. It calculates and documents each driver’s activities both non-driving and driving. Truck drivers and other drivers have unique and complex activities that are used to calculate their pay. Each driver through their experience and contract may require both individual and unique ways in how they are paid. Each component based drive time, mileage, work time and other units of work can be constructed to represent exactly how a driver is paid.  You can also create many pay types each of which contains its own unique process of payment for different types of drivers and different contracts or employee types.

Driver Paysuite creates reports and allows managers and drivers to see the calculations and give them confidence that they are being paid properly and fairly. Dispute resolution is the strength of this service and can eliminate disagreements that can be harmful to your business  This may be the most flexible Driver Pay package on the market and will satisfy drivers and shippers reducing conflict while building trust.

Driver Paysuite will easily integrate with your company wide payroll system. It uses industry standard web services integration and supports direct integration for older systems or easy manual upload to allow the entire driver pay process to be automated and verifiable. It will import from both On Board systems as well as routing packages. Since we also offer the ISuite(TM) routing system it integrates seamlessly with little integration efforts. Many popular routing systems are also supported.

Read the 3rd in a series about the Definition of Optimization

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Along with this post I’ll introduce a new blog called Continuous Logistics. The mission of this blog is to discuss the need for continuous improvements in the logistics operation. The blog is hosting the 3rd posting of the Definition of Optimization. You can comment here or in the Google+ Logistics Optimization Community.

What does NASA have to say about Optimization

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After lingering for a long while after  part 2 of my optimization definition I have been mulling the final post on this subject. I apologize for the people looking for the resolution to this and welcome any comments. The balance is between the practical and widely understandable versus the technical.


A Supply Chain Definition for Optimization: Part 2

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Innovation Versus Optimization

The lowest hanging fruit in terms of improvement that we may define and separate from optimization is innovation. There are times when a person uses innovation, perhaps even looking at some data, to decide on a course of action that by some measure shows improvement. Sometimes the term optimization is used in this context, but innovation is usually some sort of process improvement or change. Here intuition is a great guide and useful in helping to improve a logistical process. But, the term optimization does not really fit here. In this case I suggest using the word ‘innovate’. To distinguish these, we may say innovation comes from intuition while optimization comes from a completely data-driven approach.